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When it comes to automobiles, lets just say we know a thing or two! We repair and replace everything from headliners and visors - to seats and carpet! Each seat, headrest, and cover is sewn here in our shop by our experienced professionals. We use top of the line materials and products on your vehicle. You can choose from hundreds of different materials to find exactly what you want and like!

Convertible Tops - Replacements, Repairs, and Mechanism Repairs.

A new soft top can completely rejuvenate your convertible. Over time fabrics fade, become unsightly, leak, and even tear. Perhaps the most annoying part is that your convertible soft top no longer fits properly and wind rushes in where it never did before. Why ruin your interior and your sanity when you can replace it with a brand new custom convertible soft top. We’re experts in ensuring the convertible top material remains consistent with the original, but the custom top will fit better than new.


  • Vinyl Replacement Tops
  • Simulated Convertible Tops
  • Most Import and American Made Vehicles
  • BMW, Saab, Volvo, Toyota, Jaguar. Ford, Chevorlet etc.
  • Classic Muscle Car and Hotrod Tops

Red 1962 Corvette Convertible with a black top

Audi A4 GAHH top in Blue German Sonnenland

2005 Corvette Electron Top in Haartz Stayfast ST25 Biege

"Just picked up my 350z. Travelled from the ES of MD to have the convertible top replaced. They did a fabulous job! Finished the job ahead of schedule! Thanks so much for your kindness, professionalism, and excellent work! Well done!"

Cathy J. -  Eastern Shore, MD

Convertible Top Vendors We Use.

Headliners - Replacements

We also specialize in headliner replacements. We can replace your headliner in one day. Most late models (late 70's and up).


We give a lifetime warranty.



Auto Interiors - Replacements and Repairs

Since 1984, GS Auto Upholstery has been providing quality repair and replacement for the interior of an everyday automobile, designing custom interiors, and designing interiors for custom classic cars. With over 35 years of experience we have the experience to deliver and exceed expectations.


  • Seat Upholstery Replacement
  • Auto Carpet Sets: Custom Made or Factory Molded
  • Headliner and Visor Replacement
  • Seat Frame Repair
  • Leather Interior Upgrades
  • Custom Floor Mats



2010 M/B GLK 350. Cheap vinyl inserts replaced with Synergy Suede. Center panels are Synergy Suede Lazor Perforated.

Jeep Wrangler with an Alea brand leather kit

Forest River Georgetown 35'. Sleep sofa in Allante brand vinyl.

Leather Repair

Leather is a totally different animal than vinyl, pardon the pun. Leather was once the skin of a animal that was delicately crafted to give years of service. We pride ourselves in our secret process of repairing and dyeing leather. For this reason we don't give too many details. What we will tell you is that you get a repair that looks like it wasn't repaired.


Best thing is to let us take a look at the damage to see if it can be repaired or if it's just more economical to re-upholster the leather. Using our over 30 years of experience and the knowledge of the new products we use, we can give you an honest assessment that will give you the desired result.

Marine Upholstery

Have a great looking boat, but the interior hasn't faired out as well? No problem. We do boat interiors on and off site. We understand what is required to create a boat interior that will withstand the beating that nature puts on it. From salt water to the sun's UV rays to the occasional spillage that occurs when you hit a small wave and someone wasn't prepared for it. You want to have fun in your boat and you want your interior to look great. GS Auto Upholstery can make that happen.

Commercial Upholstery

Restaurants and Businesses need seating that not only looks good, but is comfortable to sit on. GS Auto Upholstery does more than just auto interiors. We also create commercial seating that adds to the ambience of that business. From a themed business to a corporate establishment, we can help you pick out the proper pieces to create a complete package.

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